Frequently Asked Questions

Customers who access our review site often wonder about our processes for conducting writing service reviews. Here are their most frequently asked questions – they will probably answer yours too.

Questions About Orders
  • How can I contact you?

    We are available to answer your questions 24 hours per day. We can be contacted  using live chat on our website, over the phone, or by email. Don’t hesitate to hit us up if you need help or more information.

  • How much does it cost?

    Our prices vary. Your cost will depend on the grade level, length, complexity, and type of assignment. The length of time required to complete work is also figured into our prices. For example, a basic ‘English 101’ essay that is due in two weeks will cost significantly less than the same paper that is due in 24 hours.

  • What makes you stand out from other companies?

    There are two things that we believe put head and shoulders above our competitors. First, we have developed a proven system that allows us to match your order with the perfect writer, enables our writers to work quickly and thoroughly, and ensures that our customer service agents are able to help you quickly and efficiently.

    In addition to this, our hiring practices are extremely selective. We hire only the top talent, have an intensive training program, and only retain writers who produce top quality work.

  • Can I get a discount?

    We are happy to provide our customers with many opportunities to save money using our discount programs. We provide discount codes for first time customers, larger orders, and customer loyalty. In addition to this, we hold other special offers throughout the year.

  • What if my paper isn’t correct?

    If you aren’t happy with your finished document, we want to fix that immediately. Before you accept and download your finished product, you will have the opportunity to review it. If you are unhappy at that point, you can simply take the option to have it revised.

    Don’t worry. If you download your paper and realize later that something is wrong, we can still help. Please review our revision policy for more detailed information.

What You Want to Know About Our Writers
  • What are my writer’s qualifications?

    First, we require that every writer who works for us has a college degree. In addition to this, we only hire writers who have attended accredited schools in English speaking nations or their territories. All writers must pass an English proficiency exam as part of the  hiring process. In addition to meeting our requirements regarding education, our writers all have relevant work experience.

  • Who writes for you?

    We hire writers who come from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds. We have worked very hard to assemble a team of writers who are capable of writing on virtually any subject at virtually any grade level. Our goal is to ensure that every assignment is completed by the person who is most qualified. For example, a business research paper would be completed by a person with a business degree and experience.

  • What happens if I need to contact my writer?

    We believe the best way to ensure that your assignments are completed to your satisfaction is to encourage open communication between customers and writers. Because of this, we have a customer portal that allows you and your writer to message one another directly. If you have a question, comment, or concern simply log into your account and send a message. Your writer will be able to contact you through your account as well. Guarantees
  • What about privacy?

    We have the utmost respect for your need to keep your personal and financial information private. To that end, we have several policies and systems in place to keep your data safe. First, we only process payments through a reputable, third party payment processor that uses the latest in security and encryption technology. We also keep your personal information secure as well. We accomplish this by:

    • Offering Password Protected Accounts
    • Storing Data on Secure Servers
    • Updating Security And Antivirus Software Regularly
    • Limiting Access to Information
    • Preventing Disclosure of Information to 3rd Parties Without Prior Consent

    We also understand the need for discretion. We will never disclose the nature of our business relationship with any client.

  • How do I know my paper will be original?

    We have a zero tolerance policy for any writing that is not only original, but written to your exact specifications. In fact, our writers will use resources that you upload. They can even write in  your ‘voice’ if you provide a writing sample.

    In addition to this, if you require further proof we will be happily to provide you with a plagiarism, scan report when your paper is delivered. This is the same report that college and high school instructors use to verify originality.

  • If I am not happy, can I get a refund?

    Because we have such a generous revision policy, we rarely offer refunds or credits. For more details on this, please refer to our money back guarantee page. The instances where we do offer refunds or credits are usually related to our inability to complete work for you (e.g. personal emergency on the part of the writer). We will also offer a refund or credit if we are unable to find a writer. If you cancel an order before it has been assigned to a writer, we simply credit your payment back to you. If cancellation is received after that, it will be prorated.

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