How to write an admission essay


This is an essay that you write as part of the college application process. Your goal is to demonstrate to the school that you have the background, personality, and character that will make you a good fit for the school. In addition to this, your admissions essay may be used as a bit of a tie breaker should you and another student be in competition for the same seat in the program to which you are applying.

Clearly, learning how to write a college admissions  essay is important. Whether you are working with the common application and selecting your essay topic from a list, or are tasked with choosing your own topic, the following guide will help you learn how to write an application for admission into school.

Finding a Topic That Best Represents You
  • 1

    Get to Know Your School. You may know plenty of things about your school already. You probably know all about the academic program that you’re interested in. If you’re interested in athletics, surely you’ve researched those programs as well. But, what do you know about the culture of your school?

    Is the overall vibe serious, buttoned down, and studious? Perhaps the culture is free spirited and creative. Make a mental picture of what you think would be the ideal student at your chosen school. The topic you pick should allow you to show that you have as many characteristics in common with that ideal student as you can while still remaining honest in who you are.

  • 2

    Pick Your Personality Traits. You know what your school wants, now show them that you’ve got it. Make a list of the personality traits that you have, and can demonstrate. Here’s an example.

    • Detail Oriented
    • Compassionate
    • Artistic
    • Loves to Serve Others
    • Optimistic
    • Sensitive
    • Justice Seeker
  • 3

    Prove It! Now, how will you demonstrate that you actually  have those personality traits. Try this. Write the following sentence: I am (personality trait), and i can prove it because (relevant experience or life event). This will allow you to match the traits you have with experiences and stories that you can share in your essay.

  • 4

    List or Narrow Down Your Topics. If you’re using the common application, take a careful look at your options. Remember to think creatively. Decide which questions are most likely to give you opportunities to share who you are, and write a compelling essay.

    If you are choosing your own topic, start brainstorming a list. Then, look at the pros and cons of each subject. The right one will become clear to you.

Points to Think About
  • 1

    Be genuine in your writing. The admissions staff appreciates honest over pandering

  • 2

    While you are telling your personal story, keep your language academic.

  • 3

    Don’t wait too long to get started!

  • 4

    Ask for help if you need it.

Do and Don`t
  • Have a trusted friend or family member critique your essay.
  • Get ideas from your guidance counselor.
  • Look up other college essays for inspiration.
  • Check and double check your spelling, grammar, and formatting
  • Follow the instructions for completing and submitting your essay
  • Adopt a phony writing style
  • Disclose reckless or illegal activities
  • Try to tell too many stories at one time
  • Make up a story instead of telling your own
Mistakes to Avoid
  • Submiting your Paper After The Deadline
  • Not Using a Readable Font
  • Writing a Boring Essay That Shows no Insight
  • Sending The Same Essay to Every School
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