How to write an essay


If you don’t relish the thought of writing essays, you aren’t alone. Even when the topic is interesting, it’s still a time consuming task. That’s made even more intense by the fact that essays tend to be major assignments, and often have a big impact on your grade.
Writing essays is simply a fact of life. Your best bet is to learn how to write an essay quickly while maintaining high standards of quality. The following will serve as your quick reference guide on writing a great essay that is sure to impress your instructor.

If you’re wondering how to start an essay, topic selection is the place to begin. If you’re struggling with this, try taking the following steps. They will help you to identify an interesting topic.

Finding a Topic That Best Represents You
  • 1

    Make a List of Topics That Are Interesting to You. If you are enthusiastic about your topic, it will show in the quality of your writing. Even better, you will enjoy the writing process more if you stick with a subject that is enjoyable.

  • 2

    Stick With What You Know. The more you know about your topic, the less research and studying you will need to do. This means that you can jump into the writing process much sooner. This makes it easier to get your paper in before the deadline.

  • 3

    Find a Different Angle. The truth is, there are no new writing topics. Everything that you can think of has been written about by others. That’s fine! All you need to do is find a unique angle. This is what will make the paper you are writing interesting to others.

  • 4

    Have a Brainstorming Session. If you are still struggling, it’s time to brainstorm. You can do this on your own, but it works better in a group. The idea is to throw out as many ideas as possible without stopping. Remember the rule of thumb is to make as big a list as you can. So, don’t edit or throw any ideas out until you are finished.

  • 5

    Go Back to Your Textbook. If your topic must come from your current study materials, try hitting up your textbook. Don’t pay attention to the text. Instead, look at the bullet points, end of chapter questions, sidenotes, and other items that are designed to stand out. These will contain the most interesting items.

  • 6

    Look at Your Old Essays. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking an older essay and writing on the same topic at a more advanced level. Just be sure that you add new insights and significantly change things. The idea is to reuse a topic, not to copy the essay and modify a few small things.

  • 7

    Watch The News. Current events are always great fodder for essay topics. They are sure to keep readers interested and engaged.

  • 8

    Get Feedback From Your Instructor. If you are still having trouble, consider running your idea by the instructor or TA. They can give you feedback on your ideas. They may even have some great suggestions for you.

Points to Think About
  • 1

    Learning How to Start an Essay is Key - This is where you introduce your topic and get people excited to read more.

  • 2

    The More Time You Give Yourself to Write The Better Things Will Go - Don’t wait until the last minute!

  • 3

    Keep Things Interesting For Your Professor as Well - You should write about what interests your, but keep your audience in mind as well.

  • 4

    Remember That Help is Available - Your instructor, student writing center, tutors, and of course Write Load are helpful resources at your fingertips.

Do and Don`t
  • Check And Double Check Spelling And Grammar
  • Use Grammarly And The Hemingway App to Improve Your Writing
  • Set up a Comfortable Area to Write And Research
  • Color Code Notes For Organization
  • Record Any Citations as You Use Them
  • Select a Topic That is Too Broad or Too Narrow
  • Forget to Add Your Unique Writer’s Voice
  • Lose Your Assignment Rubric With Deadlines And Other Information
  • Let a Day go by Without Doing at Least Some Writing
  • Try to Write Without Good Notes And a Solid Outline
Mistakes to Avoid
  • Going Under The Required Word Count - Always have one or two points you can add if your essay runs short.
  • Losing Your Notes - Try an app like Evernote to stay organized.
  • Not Being Clear - Every paragraph should have a main idea and supporting sentences.
  • Using a Boring Title - Be creative! Write a title that hooks the reader.
  • Failing to Turn in All Required Elements - Don’t forget your works cited page, title page, rough draft, outline, and other deliverables.
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