Money Back Guarantee

It is our goal that no customer ever ends a transaction dis-satisfied. We will do everything in our power to ensure that each customer gets an original, custom-written piece that follows his/her instructions and that is delivered on time. 99% of the time, this is the case, because of all of the protections and policies we have in place.

On rare occasions, there are partial or full refunds granted to our customers, and this policy is meant to define and describe those instances.

Refund vs. Credit

In most situations, when a customer has been inconvenienced, we will provide credits towards future orders. When issuing a credit, we take a look at several factors related to that inconvenience and determine a credit amount. These factors may include such things as the level of inconvenience, the amount of work already completed toward the customer’s order, and the original cost of the order. So, a credit amount may be either partial or the full amount of the original order. Sometimes, the credit amount may even exceed the original order price.

There are also some rare instances in which a partial or full refund may be awarded. In these cases, the customer receives an actual cash amount based upon the level of inconvenience. Again, these amounts are based upon our assessment of the individual case.

Missed Deadlines

Only in very rare instances, have we ever missed a customer deadline. In fact, in most cases, orders are delivered ahead of schedule. If we should ever miss a deadline, we will offer either a refund or a credit.

The exception to this are when the missed deadline has not been our fault.  If a customer has failed to update contact information, or if a customer has failed to respond to communications from us, then the delivery delay is not the fault of Write Load or the writer. In these situations, credits and refunds will not be given.

Duplicate Orders

It happens, although our system usually catches this. If you submit the same order twice, you will receive two order confirmations. You need to notify us immediately, so that we do not assign each of those orders to writers. Once writers begin to work, we have to pay them for that work. And if they have already begun before you catch the error, we can only award a partial refund for the second order, based upon the amount of work completed on it. If you ever receive two confirmations for the same order, contact us immediately.

Duplicate Billing

This should never be an issue, as our system has safeguards to prevent this. However, if you should discover that you have been billed twice for the same order, all you have to do is contact customer support. They will walk you through getting the documentation to us so that you can receive a full refund for the billing error.

If You Cancel an Order

We hope this doesn’t happen and will work with you to see how we can help in any way possible. Still, we understand this does happen. If you cancel before a writer has been assigned, no problem. We will provide a refund. If, however, a writer has already begun, we will have to calculate how much work has been completed and pay that writer first. We will then issue a partial credit to you, toward a future order.

Order Not Completed

Only twice in our history has this ever happened. If a writer should have a personal emergency and cannot complete an order, we immediately assign another writer and it is finished on time to the customer’s satisfaction. If we are unable to find another writer, we will notify you immediately. We will discuss whether you should receive a full refund or a partial refund along with the work that has been completed.


We absolutely guarantee plagiarism-free writing and have never delivered an unoriginal piece to any customer. Of course, this is due to the work of our great writers and to our sophisticated plagiarism-detection software.

If you think any part of your product has been plagiarized, please contact us immediately. We will require the original, unedited document, along with the results of a plagiarism scan showing that it is not original. You would then receive a full refund.

If this should ever happen, we will terminate our relationship with any writer/editor who allowed this to happen. We take plagiarism very seriously.

Technical/Electronic Difficulties

Some things are beyond our control or yours. When natural disasters strike, when Internet service is disrupted, etc., products may be delayed. We cannot be responsible for such delays and no refunds or credits will be awarded. We do everything we can to keep ourselves online and in operation and to resume operations as quickly as possible.

If you have any questions about any of the provisions of this Money-Back Policy, please get in touch with customer support. They will be happy to clarify.

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