Terms of Use

This policy outlines the rights and responsibilities of users of the Write Load company services. Once a user accesses the Write Load website, s/he is bound by all of these Terms of Use. If anyone does not agree to any of these terms, s/he should exit the site.


  1. The company name is Write Load. Other terms that mean the same are “company, website, we, our, employees, writers, staff, and administrators.”
  2. The term “Customer” refers to anyone using our products or services. Other terms for “customer” include “you, your, or user.”
  3. The term “Order” means a product or service for which a customer pays.
  4. The term “contract” means this Terms of Use document in full or in part. It is a binding agreement
  • The company name is Write Load. Other terms that mean the same are “company, website, we, our, employees, writers, staff, and administrators.”
  • The term “Customer” refers to anyone using our products or services. Other terms for “customer” include “you, your, or user.”
  • The term “Order” means a product or service for which a customer pays.
  • The term “contract” means this Terms of Use document in full or in part. It is a binding agreement

Use of Products

The Company provides original writing products, as well as other services, to customer. When customers order and receive products from the company they agree that these are for personal use only. They agree not to sell, share, or in any other way distribute these products to any third party. If any customer fails to follow this term, s/he is fully responsible for any consequences.

Lawful Jurisdictions

The company is under the legal authority and jurisdiction of geographic location of its headquarters and complies with all of those authority’s laws and regulations. The customer is responsible to know and understand the laws of his/her jurisdiction, relative to the online purchasing of products and services.

WriteLoad.com Policies

There are company policies published on the Write Load website. Customers are required to read these policies. Customers also agree that they ae bound by these policies once they make use of any Company products or services. The policies are as follows:

  1. Privacy: the company shall protect the privacy of its customers, including personal and financial information. Our policy outlines what types of information we collect and for what purposes.
  2. Money-Back: this policy describes the circumstances by which customer may receive refunds and/or credits.
  3. Disclaimer: this policy sets forth the limits of liability for the company if a customer should incur negative consequences, either personal or legal as a result of the use of company products and services
  4. Discount: customers are eligible for discounts according to the terms of this policy

Privacy Policy

At WriteLoad.com your privacy and your personal information security are one of our main priorities. We want our clients to fully understand, what information we collect and how we further use it and how we store it. Be assured that we only collect information that is necessary for us to provide you with our products and services

The personal info we collect includes, but is not limited to:

  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Your Contact Phone Number(s)
  • Other electronic data that helps us analyze and improve your customer experience with our Website

Purpose of This Privacy Policy

Our goal is that you know what personal info we collect, exactly why we collect such data, and how we use it. We also provide you with options to access that data to control and update it when necessary

Personal Information We Collect

In order to provide you with quality service and products, we collect the above-mentioned information from you. You provide it to WriteLoad.com voluntarily; we in no other way can or will retrieve it from you. Information that we collect is needed to match your product requirements, to contact you in case order clarifications are needed and to deliver the final product. You provide this information in the following circumstances:

When making your first purchase, you automatically create a personal account with WriteLoad.com. You will provide your contact information in order to create an account.

When placing orders with WriteLoad.com, you provide very specific details that may reveal personal information (such as year of study, the Subject the product addresses or the name of the course you take). We assure you that this information is used ONLY to match your order requirements.

You may request help from the WriteLoad.com customer support department. In this case, you will provide your email address and phone number so that we may contact you.

You may fill out contact forms to sign up for our newsletters or other information /alerts. In this case, you will provide your email address and a cell phone number.

If you participate in any of our surveys, contests, or other interactive activities, you may be providing your contact information

Again, all of this information you provide voluntarily, it may not and will not be retrieved by us in any other way than from you directly, by filling in the respected website/application fields and forms.

Other Information We Collect

We indirectly collect some information too.

We keep track of all the orders and communication you have with respect to these orders via communication channels the service provides. We record and store the history of our communication in order to provide the quality service and improve your customer experience.

We use cookies and some other technologies that will track how you browse our site, pages you visit, how long you stay on each page, and the frequency with which you access our site or pages. We do this so that we can give you a better and more personalized experience. Check our Cookie Policy for more details.

We often collect IP addresses, browser types, dates, times of use of our services, preferred language, types of devices used to access our site in order to technically adjust our service content to your needs.

You may also provide us with personal information of others who might benefit from our products or services (if you become our Affiliate Program Member). We use this information for purposes of promoting our products/services or for identifying potential new customers.

This information is stored and used within WriteLoad.com ONLY, will not be resold or provided to any third party, that is not related to the delivery of the service you purchase

How We Use the Information We Collect

We only collect the minimum amount of data we need for purposes of serving you better and we limit our use of it to the following:

  1. Data you have given us permission to use for stated purposes
  2. Data you have provided that we must use to communicate with you in order to deliver services
  3. We also store data that we use to update or improve our services to you. When you have purchased products or services, we keep this information and use it to offer additional services that we believe may interest you. As well, we use it for the following:
  4. To diagnose any issues with our site, including errors, broken links, security risks, and improvements we can make to our site, app, or pages
  5. To identify our clients and protect the company against fraud and abuse

What We Share

There are times when your personal information is shared with third parties, and it is important that you know under what circumstances this occurs:

  • We will share with other partner parties, whose services are integrated with ours (spell checkers, service platforms etc.)
  • We will share with third parties with whom we have contracted for certain services, to include:
  • Payment processors
  • Those who are contracted to administer surveys, contests, etc.
  • Contractors we may use to deliver emails, surveys, etc.
  • Others with whom we contract for customer relationship functions

Information that we share is necessary for our partners to perform their functions. They may not share your information with anyone else, other than sub-contractors, and the same terms and conditions apply to them.

How and Why We Communicate With You

We will communicate with you regarding services you have purchased. We may also communicate with you about additional services offered by us or third parties if we believe they will be of interest to you. You may withdraw permission at any time, and the process for that is covered later in this policy. In general, these are the methods used to communicate with you:

  • Email
  • Phone Calls
  • Text Messaging
  • Automated emails or texts that are sent out in bulk to our mailing/contact lists

When you use a service that is not our company and that service allows you to import contacts, you may import our website. In this case, we will use your information only for the purposes of offering products and services according to this privacy policy. You may opt out at any time, by contacting our customer support department and requesting to be removed from our database.

Our Use of Web Analytics Tools

We use a variety of analytics tools that are available to us to collect information about how our users/customers interact with our website or app. This information includes how you access our site or app, what pages you visit, and the length of time you spend on each page. Again, this information is aggregated so that we can improve and update our site/app for a better user experience.

When we use analytics tools, consistent cookies are placed in your browser. This will identify you for each subsequent visit to our site or app. No one may use cookies that one tool has placed. These cookies do not include any of your personal information, and you have several options for opting out of cookies.

When You Access Third-Part Sites From Our Site

There are links on our site to third-party sites. Should you choose to access any of them from our site, you must understand and agree that we are not responsible for any content on those sites, nor does our privacy policy remain in effect as soon as you leave our site. As a precaution, we urge you to read that website’s privacy policy before proceeding through the site.

Your Control of Your Personal Data

You can access all of your personal data through the account settings on your account page. Here you may update your information or request to delete of any of it. Should request deletion of your personal information in the course of our completing an order from you, the data will remain in force, as long as we need it to complete your order. Once it is no longer required, we will delete it.

Our Procedures for Storing and Securing Your Data

We use the latest technologies to securely store your personal information, even using encryption when warranted.

Further, we keep your personal data as long as necessary to provide the services you have requested. There are other reasons for retaining your information beyond that point:

  • Storing it may be required by law or through a legal contract to which we are a party
  • For preserving a record of your transaction, resolving disputes, or either defending or enforcing our legal rights
  • For managing our financial records
  • If you have concerns regarding our retention of your personal data, please contact out customer support department.
  • Your Use of ‘Do Not Track’ Notifications

Some browsers allow you to place a ‘do not track’ notification when you visit a website. Because the meaning of this notification is not clear, you need to understand that we do not alter our policies or procedures when we see these notifications.

Age Requirements

We provide products and services to individuals who are at least 18 years of age. The reasons are obvious. We do not to obtain or store personal data of minor children. If you believe that an under-age child has access to our site and ordered services, we ask that you notify us immediately.

When We Make Changes To Our Privacy Policy

We do have the right to modify or amend this privacy policy at any time. If and when we do make changes, we will post those changes on our website and app and anywhere else we think it would be appropriate to do so. In general, you can expect notifications to be made on our website and through emails to all of our subscribers. Any substantial changes we make will not go into effect until 30 days after posting so that our users/customers have the time to review them and take any action they believe is in their best interests.

Contacting Us

We have a customer support department that is open 24 hours a day and available by phone, live chat, or email, as indicated on our site. We will respond as quickly as possible to any question or concerns you may have.


The company provides products and services to its customers for their personal use only. The company does not condone plagiarism or academic dishonesty. If a customer should realize any negative personal or legal consequences as a result of using company products or services, the responsibility falls solely on that customer. Customer agrees to hold harmless and indemnify the company for any responsibility, legal or otherwise, for any negative consequences s/he incurs.

Process for Order and Delivery

When a customer chooses to order a product or service from Write Load, thee following shall occur:

  1. Customer places order using the on-site order form
  2. Customer supplies all specifications. If specific resources are required, the customer must supply those to the writer. If not, the writer will select the best resources for the topic and academic level.
  3. Customer makes payment via any of the methods provided
  4. Company assigns the most suitable and qualified writer
  5. Customer receives a personal account for communication with the writer
  6. Once completed, the order is uploaded to the customer’s personal account
  7. Customer either approves the product or requests revisions.
  8. Customer has 7 days following delivery to request revisions
  9. If there are delays in delivery due to customer failure to respond to communications from the company, we shall not be liable for such delays.

Amendments/Changes to Terms of Use

Company may amend or change this Terms of Use document at any time. Any changes will be posted on the company website. Customer understands that s/he is bound by these changes as soon as they are posted.


Should any legal authority deem that any provision of this Terms of Use agreement is illegal, all other terms of this document remain in effect.

Third-Party Links

Customer will find links to third-party sites on the company website. should a customer choose to access any of these third-parties from the company website, none of the company policies remain in force. Customer bears full responsibility for any consequences incurred by using any third-party links.

Entire Terms and Conditions

This constitutes the entire agreement between the company and the customer. These terms, along with all other policies on the company site, are binding upon the customer.

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